to the official website for Catholic Dragons. Some of you may be reluctant to join because you might think dragons represents evil or Satan like in Revelation 12:3-9 but does not have to. A dragon can be either good or evil and there's no church teaching that says a dragon has to be "evil". Check out the book of Esther Mordecai's Dream Fulfilled, Mordecai has a prophetic vision in the form of a dream. In this dream: And behold, two great dragons came forward, both ready to fight, and they roared terribly (Esther 11:6). Mordecai has a vision involving great and terrible dragon imagery; only in his vision there are two dragons. Elsewhere, Mordecai gives us the interpretation of this symbol: The two dragons are Haman and myself. One of the fearsome dragons represents the villain Haman but the other represents the righteous Mordecai, the defender of God’s people. Catholic Dragons is NOT satanic, evil, a cult of any kind, a hate group or a secret society. The satanic "dark" (Hydra) dragon has seven heads. In conclusion, Dragons are timeless, universal and can be depicted as friendly, powerful allies, symbols of strength, courage and wisdom and not simply as manifestations of or symbols of evil.